The advantages of parking with Parkmobile.

With EasyPark you can pay for parking quickly, easily and securely by SMS or with our free to download smartphone app. You can use EasyPark on street and in car parks. Sign up for free and enjoy the advantages of mobile parking!

Make parking easy

  • Search before you leave
    With our search function, you can now look for parking before you leave. Search for an address, point of interest or parking zone near you or your destination.
  • No more inconvenience at the parking meter
    Park directly with your mobile phone by SMS or with the app. There’s no need to search for a parking meter anymore.
  • No cash or bank card required
    Start and stop your parking session with the app or by SMS. EasyPark bills you afterwards only for the time you park, on a monthly basis
  • Safe and secure payment afterwards
    There are no costs if you don’t use Parkmobile. We invoice you at the end of each month, only for your actual parking costs plus transaction or subscription fees. You will receive a free notification by email when your invoice is ready.

The #1 Parking App

  • Most downloaded
    The EasyPark app has been downloaded more than 5 million times!
  • Highest rated
    The average rating in the app stores for the EasyPark app is 4.5 out of 5 stars!
  • A wide range of features
    Edit your details, see invoices, gain insights into your parking history and add notes. You can also select an automatic end-time for your parking session and receive reminders about your active parking session.

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EasyPark saves you money!

  • No more parking fines
    Say goodbye to parking fines. Even if you return a little too late to your car, you risk receiving a parking fine. With Parkmobile, there is no need to worry.
  • Pay only for the actual parking time
    With EasyPark you no longer put too much money in the parking meter because you pay afterwards and only for the time you actually parked.
  • No more pay and claim
    EasyPark provides an up-to-date overview of your parking sessions and parking costs. So you don’t have to keep and claim from loose parking tickets anymore.

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For everyone

  • Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and more…
    EasyPark works on all devices, with our apps on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, by SMS or online.
  • Multiple license plates
    Add multiple plates to your account. So you can easily park multiple cars with 1 phone number.
  • Business and private parking
    Add a private and business account to the same mobile number and/or license plate. Before you start your parking session, you choose the type of parking. This helps you organise your invoices.

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Choose your style

  • Sign up for free and park straight away with Parkmobile
    You can sign up for free for EasyPark anytime. After you have registered you can start parking straight away.
  • Pay per parking session
    Do you park less than 9 times a month? Choose for paying per parking session (just €0,39). You only pay when you use Parkmobile, otherwise you have no monthly costs.
  • Monthly subscription
    Do you park more than 9 times a month? Our monthly subscription is the best option you can get. For just €2.50 a month you can use EasyPark as many times as you like, without transaction costs.

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