How does parking with license plate recognition work?

Parking in a car park? Then you can often use license plate recognition. When you arrive at the car park, a camera will recognise your license plate and automatically open the barrier. Your parking session will then start immediately. When you return to the car park, open the pedestrian door with the pin code that is displayed in the app while your parking session is active. Your parking session will end as soon as you leave the car park. The barrier will also open using license plate recognition. So, you don’t have to do anything. Easy!

How do I enable license plate recognition?

Open the EasyPark app, choose Account > Vehicles and select the car for which you want to enable license plate recognition. Then slide the toggle button of License Plate Recognition to the right (see image). From now on, you can enter car parks using license plate recognition.

Enable License Plate Recognition Parkmobile

Where can I park with license plate recognition?

Want to know where you can use license plate recognition? Select ‘Parking’ in the EasyPark app and select a car park on the map. You can recognise car parks by the blue icons with a roof. EasyPark works every day to make more car parks accessible through license plate recognition. In Belgium, you can now enter all 45 Q-Park car parks with license plate recognition.

Have you seen the home screen?

When opening the EasyPark app, did you see a screen where you can switch on license plate recognition via a green button? Note: With this button you switch on license plate recognition for all vehicles in your account at the same time.


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