When do I receive my invoice and what does it contain?

Your EasyPark invoice is prepared monthly, you can also view all your invoices on mijnparkmobile.be or the EasyPark app. You will receive a prior notification by email that your invoice is ready, it will be automatically deducted by direct debit or credit card.

  1. Log into mijnparkmobile.be.
  2. Click in the menu on the left under”overview” on the menu item ‘invoices’.
  3. Click on the invoice number to open the invoice in PDF format.

Please note: The invoice consists of multiple pages.

You can also see the latest invoice via the EasyPark app (depending on the version of the app and the type of mobile device that is being used).

Explanation EasyPark invoice

  1. Invoice details
    EasyPark invoices will be charged monthly in arrears. For example, the received invoice in February relates to the parking sessions in the month of January. Furthermore, you can find your customer number and invoice number here.
  2. Total amounts
    The invoice displays the total amount that you owe Parkmobile. A distinction is made between ‘total parking fee’ and ‘total service fee(s)’.
  • Total parking fees:  This is the total amount of the parking fee.  Street parking is regulated by the municipality and includes tax money, so you do not have to pay extra VAT on top of it. The general tax rate of 21% does apply to parking in enclosed areas (e.g. car parks).
  • Total service fees (s): Under service fees include the costs for signing in and out of a parking session.
  1. Specification parking fees
    Here you will find an overview of the number of parking sessions per city per month.
  2. EasyPark service fee(s)
    An overview of the EasyPark service fee(s). Service fee(s) consists of transaction costs, SMS messages (e.g. reminder text messages or confirmation text messages) or subscription fees. On these amounts 21% VAT is included.
  3. Transaction overview
    A detailed overview of the parking transaction(s). Here you can find additional information like: the parking zone, start and end times, the total duration and the parking costs. It also shows the invoice per parking session and any text messages (e.g. reminder messages) belonging to the parking session.
    Please note: transaction fees and subscription fees are not specified.

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