Parking in Mol

Why park with EasyPark in Mol?

  • Start and stop your parking session with the smartphone app or by sending a text to 4810;
  • Pay per minute and only for the actual parking time;
  • Pay at the end of each month by direct debit or credit card;
  • Gain insight into all your parking activities and costs;
  • No more loose change or bank cards required;
  • Avoid parking fines;
  • No subscription required.

Discover Mol
Mol, one of the largest municipalities in the province of Antwerp, is known for its woodlands. In the northernmost corner of this area, at the Dutch border, you will find Postel with its imposing Abbey, which was built in the twelfth century. On Sundays, visit the cattle market, popularly known as the rabbit’s market. This market has been around for 125 years.