Professional parking with Parkmobile

Leaving your business meeting earlier to extend your parking time? At the end of the month collecting all your parking receipts? Say goodbye to these discomforts. Park easy and smart with Parkmobile. With EasyPark Professional you and your employees will park easy by mobile phone.

Advantages of professional parking

  • One monthly invoice will replace all your parking receipts;
  • Reduce your administration costs;
  • Pay parking fees for visitors;
  • Full control, 24/7 via your online portal.

Personal page

As manager of your EasyPark Professional account, you will get 24/7 access to your personal page, where you can manage all your data. You can check your history, change your license plates and view your invoices.

What you can find on your personal page:

  • Generate an overview of your parking costs and activities from you and your employees;
  • Add employees or change their data;
  • Add and edit license plates and phone numbers;
  • Check your invoices.

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