EasyPark offers you the most advantageous way of parking by SMS or smartphone app. You can choose to pay per parking session or on a montly base with a subscription. Make your choice now!

Per parking session
Example rate parking by SMS
When you park via SMS the costs per parking session are €0.39. After starting and stopping a parking session you will receive a confirmation SMS. These cost €0.15 per SMS.

Example rate parking by smartphone app
You start and stop a parking session via the EasyPark App. The costs for starting and stopping a parking session costs are €0.39, two messages of €0,15 per SMS.

You pay €2.50 per month per license plate. You pay no transaction fees. If you park by SMS you don’t pay for the confirmation SMS messages.

License plate
Additional license plate after registration: €1.

SMS reminder
To prevent you from forgetting to stop a parking session, EasyPark can send you a SMS notification. Click here for more information about the SMS notification. The SMS costs: €0.25.

Parking rate
The parking rate is according to the local Parking authority. Prices are inclusive of 21% VAT For a company account the prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Payment method
Direct debit: no extra cost.
Credit card: no extra cost.